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Film Director / Cinematographer / Producer Rocco Michaluk has been creating award-winning Film & TV productions for over 20 years. With his remarkable ability to capture the unique moments and true essence of individuals, places, and things, Michaluk has earned a very special place in the world of Film, TV & Media Production.

Michaluk’s journey in the world of filmmaking began with his personal artistic work alongside renowned Hollywood Directors such as Gus Van Sant and Wes Anderson. These collaborations allowed him to unleash his talent and passion for filmmaking, refining his skills and developing a pristine vision that is evident in his work today.

Throughout his career, Michaluk has worked with a diverse range of clients in both the film and television industries. His film clients include prestigious names such as Columbia Pictures, Indian PaintBrush, PBS, NBC, American Empirical Pictures, and Fountainbrush Films. These collaborations have resulted in the creation of exceptional films that have garnered critical acclaim and recognition.

In the realm of television, Michaluk’s expertise has been sought after by networks and production companies such as NBC, Television Academy / Emmy’s, MTV, Viacom, E! Entertainment, CBS, ABC, Travel Channel, Leftfield Pictures, and PETA, among others. His work in television production showcases his versatility and ability to adapt his artistic vision to different formats and genres.

Michaluk’s success as a filmmaker can be attributed to his dedication to capturing the essence of his subjects. Whether it is a captivating narrative or a compelling documentary, he has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of storytelling. His ability to connect with his subjects and bring out their authentic selves is what sets his work apart.

With a career spanning over two decades, Rocco Michaluk continues to push the boundaries of independent film and video production. His passion for the craft and his commitment to creating meaningful and impactful stories have made him a sought-after director, cinematographer, and producer. Through his work, Michaluk continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.


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